Windows in Penfriend XL

Prediction Window. This is the main window in Penfriend XL. It contains a list of suggestions, if there are any to be made, from which you can select words. It normally also shows the menu bar from which you can reach all other parts of the program. This should be kept visible while you are using your word processor.

On-Screen Keyboard Window. This is to help people who do not like using the physical keyboard. Instead, they can use the mouse (or a substitute device) and click on letters to type them into the word processor. It also helps people to write in a foreign language which requires accented characters.

Speaking Clipboard. This allows you to watch and control the reading of text for the speech synthesiser. It highlights each word as it is spoken from the Windows clipboard.

Preferences Dialogue Box is available from the menu in both the Prediction window and the Keyboard window. It allows you to set most of the options in Penfriend XL. These options are then saved in the lexicon file you are using.

Advanced options dialogue this is linked to the Prefences dialogue which allows setting of the less common options. Part of the 'hidden sophistication' of Penfriend XL.

Speech dialogue box is available from the Preferences dialogue box. It controls settings for the speech synthesiser which reads words and letters as you type them, amongst other things.

Lexicon Window. This lists the words which Penfriend XL knows how to spell, and thus is able to predict. From this window you can review new words, delete words, and view detailed information about word usage.

Abbreviation Window. This is similar to the Lexicon window in that it contains a list of words, except that they are automatically replaced when you type them; typically the typed version is an abbreviation or a misspelling of the replacement version.

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