View menu

The View menu allows you to open and close the main windows of Penfriend XL.

Predictor will open the Prediction window in a prominent place, and ensures it will be permanently at the front.

Keyboard will open the on-screen keyboard window in a prominent place, and at the front.

Lexicon will open the Lexicon Window from where you can view and edit the words in the lexicon.

Abbreviations will open the Abbreviations Window from where you can view and edit the abbreviations to be expanded.

Clipboard will open the Speaking Clipboard Window which affects the speaking of the clipboard text.

Web Site will open your web browser to show the Penfriend web site. This will send enough information to identify you as a valid owner of a copy of the software, and to allow you access to privileged areas of the web site.

About will display the splash-window also shown when Penfriend XL is loaded. This indicates the exact version of the program, which is useful if contacting Penfriend Ltd for support.

Preferences opens the Preferences dialogue box which allows you to control the active features of Penfriend XL, explained on a separate page.

Help will open this help document.

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