Who would use Penfriend XL?

There are three target groups for Penfriend XL:

Clearly, Penfriend XL is not intended for use with highly skilled typists, but it is helpful to people with some physical disabilities, or slow writers. Prediction has also been found to help people with poor spelling, although the writer will need to spell the first letter or two correctly in order to see a prediction.

The on-screen keyboard was originally designed for people with motor impairments, who cannot type on a normal keyboard easily. It also makes it easier to type accented characters for foreign languages. It might also be used by someone who needs very large text on screen to see, as the size of font can be changed easily. It can be useful for dyslexic people, because it reduces visual strain and saves them from glancing repeatedly between the keyboard and screen.

The speech facility can be used by people who prefer to hear text being spoken than to read it from the screen themselves. Because it works with any application that can put text on the Windows clipboard, or which supports Microsoft Active Accessibility, it is very versatile. The way that it highlights text as it is read helps people with moderate literacy skills.

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