Prediction Window

The most important operation of Penfriend XL is to suggest words that you may be in the process of typing, to save you the effort of pressing the remaining letters. To do this, it must tell you what its predictions are, and allow you to choose the one you want if it is on the list.

The Prediction window normally appears when you load Penfriend XL. It begins with the name 'Penfriend XL' and a version number. As you press letters on the keyboard it changes its predictions to the best guess it can. If you wish to accept one of the words, press the function key indicated beside the word of your choice. You can also click the mouse over the word of your choice, if you prefer. The remainder of the word will be sent from Penfriend XL to the target window (the word processor you were using).

At the top of the prediction window there may be a menu bar. This allows you to load or save the lexicon file, and to open all of the other windows for the program.

If you have closed the Prediction Window you can reopen it by choosing 'Predictions' from the 'View' menu of any of the other windows.

You can change the colours and fonts used in the prediction window by changing the preferences on the View Menu. If you choose a bold font for the predicted words, the function key labels will not be in bold. This helps to distinguish them quickly from the words.

You may change the number of words in the prediction window simply by resizing the window. Drag the bottom edge down and you will reveal up to twelve words. You should adjust this to suit the user; too many words will take a long time to read, but too few will prevent likely predictions from appearing.

If a word is predicted which you think should not be in the lexicon, or you think it is not relevant in this situation, you can view the detailed word properties by holding down the Alt key and clicking on the word (or by finding the word in the lexicon window).

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