Clipboard Window

The clipboard speech window is primarily concerned with speaking the contents of the Windows clipboard, which will contain text from another application. To put text on to the clipboard from your word processor, mark it with the mouse or in another way, and select copy from the edit menu. This can be done more easily in many programs by holding down Shift, pressing cursor Up or Down to mark lines of text, and then pressing Ctrl-C.

As it speaks, Penfriend XL highlights each word to make reading easier. The colours used for this, as with the prediction window, are normally based on the currently chosen colours in the Preferences dialogue box. If you wish to change the highlight colours, please do so in the Advanced Preferences dialogue box. The clipboard window will automatically scroll down if necessary to ensure that the current text is visible.

If you wish to hear an individual word from the clipboard text, please click on the Stop button at the top of the clipboard window if necessary and then click on the word you wish to hear. It will be highlighted as it is spoken.  If you move from word to word too quickly the words may not be higlighted as they are spoken. To hear the text starting from that point, click on the word with the right hand mouse button.

To hear the entire clipboard text, click on the Play button (a green triangle) in the toolbar at the top of the clipboard speech window. To completely stop the speech, if you do not wish to hear the remainder, click on the Stop button (a square).

Penfriend XL is configured by default to speak text as it is copied to the clipboard, so simply pressing Ctrl-C will trigger the speech. You can control this on the speech options dialogue box. Once it is speaking you may stop it as described above.

If Penfriend XL is set to speak the clipboard automatically, and the clipboard window is closed, then it will be opened for the duration of the speech only; after it has finished, the window will close itself again. If you open the window by choosing 'Clipboard' from the menu of another Penfriend XL window, it will stay open.

Penfriend XL can also read the text of most text, menus and dialogue boxes on screen if you switch on the "screen reader". While reading, the text appears in the clipboard window.

The screen reader can be switched on and off by clicking on the toolbar icon of a "speech bubble". You can also enable it from the Speech Preferences dialogue box, or by pressing the PRINT SCREEN key on your keyboard.

The voice speed and pitch are controlled in the speech options dialogue box which can be found from the main Preferences dialogue box. If you do not wish Penfriend XL to speak at all, set the sound option in the preferences dialogue box either to Sound Effects or to None.