Lexicon List Window

When a lexicon is loaded, it is displayed in the lexicon window. If a word has been added recently to the lexicon, it will be shown in red with the word "new" after it. They are marked like that to help you spot them and decide if you wish to keep them in the lexicon. To make it even easier to find them, you can remove all of the 'Old' words from the display using the 'Show' menu options, such as 'New Words'. To turn a new word into an old word, you must 'Accept' it into the lexicon. Alternatively you can delete a word, either new or old, from the lexicon to stop it being suggested.

To accept, ban or delete a word, point at it in the lexicon list (in the lexicon window) and press the right hand mouse button. The Lexicon context menu will appear from which you can Approve it, to turn it from red to black and thus into an old word, or Delete it, removing it from the lexicon. If it is already an old word, you can Disapprove it, thus converting it back to a new word.

Instead of deleting a word you may want to ban it and so prevent it from being predicted. This is useful for mistakes which the user frequently makes. Simply deleting the word would mean that the next time they use the word it will be learnt again, whereas marking it as never being predicted means that the system knows the word but will not use it. This option is available from the right-button menu. This is also valuable if you want to prevent simple words being predicted. You may also approve or delete all of the new words from the lexicon context menu.

The menu at the top of the lexicon window allows you to open other windows in Penfriend XL if you wish, or to load and save lexicon files.

If you wish to edit the lexicon, you may find it useful to display only the new words which have not been approved. To do this, switch to New words on the Show menu.

If you click on a word in the lexicon window with the left (normal) mouse button, you will see the word detail dialogue box.

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