Penfriend XL Introduction

What does Penfriend XL do?

Penfriend XL is a predictive typer, screen reader, on-screen keyboard and for several languages. It works with your favourite word processing software and suggests words that you have typed only the first one or two letters of. This saves people the time of pressing all the letters of the word.

It is an application which runs under Microsoft Windows 7, Vista and XP alongside your normal word processor or whatever other software you use. It intercepts key-strokes from your keyboard on their way to the word processor and uses them to generate its predictions, and also has an on-screen keyboard which lets you type words into other software by clicking with the mouse.

Penfriend XL can speak each letter or word as typed, and can read the Windows clipboard containing text from any application, and can even read menus and dialogue boxes from most applications.

Getting Started Tutorial

The main use of Penfriend XL is along-side a word processor, with the Prediction Window open.

First, you should load your word processor or similar application.

Then you should load Penfriend XL. You must not have more than one copy of Penfriend XL running.

There should be a default lexicon with 10,000 words to predict from. If you want a different lexicon such as another language or a different vocabulary size, go to the Start Menu in the bottom left corner of your screen, choose Programs, Penfriend, Lexicons. A window should open with a choice of lexicon files; double click on any of these to load them into Penfriend XL. Note that when you save your lexicon, it will normally go to My Documents rather than the folder you are looking at now.

Click your mouse in the word processor window, so that the computer knows where you want to type. Think of a sentence you would like to write.

Now you are ready!

Type the first letter of your sentence in your word processor and then look at the prediction window. If the word you want first is there, press the function key marked by that word, or click on the word with the mouse. If your word is not on the list, type the second letter, repeating the process as necessary. If the word is never shown, type it all and Penfriend XL will learn it for next time.

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