Learning Text Files

See Also: Control Window Menus , Approving New Words, Learn from Clipboard

If you have a file on disk which already contains words that you wish to have in a lexicon, you can ask Penfriend XL to read the file itself. This will quickly add all of the words to its lexicon and update the frequencies. This may be particularly useful for new users who have used other software before, or for a person who is about to write about a topic requiring special words that you have on file.

To learn the words in a file, go to the Lexicon Window and choose File - Learn Text File from the menu. You will be prompted for a file name to learn from. The actual procedure normally takes only a fraction of a second.

You may also drag a file from the File Manager or an Explorer window to the Lexicon window. In fact, you may drag a set of files if you wish them all to be learnt together.

Once the file(s) have been learnt, the new words will be marked as new in the lexicon. It may be prudent to check genuinely new words before importing text, then to quickly scan the list of new words in the lexicon window and accept them all from the pop-up menu.

If you find that not all the words have been learnt, it may be because an internal limit has been set to the number of words that Penfriend XL can learn in one session. Please save your lexicon, quit Penfriend XL, reload the lexicon and learn the file again. The limit is probably 1000 words more than there were when the lexicon was loaded.

If you want to develop your own lexicon from scratch, without any previous words, you can switch off the advanced preference called "Load Previous Lexicon", then exit Penfriend XL and reload it. You will now see the message "Click Here" in the lexicon window, and no words will be predicted as you type (but they will be learned). This is now a good time to import or type very controlled text of your choice.