Function Keys

The function keys are labelled F1, F2, F3, ... F12 and should be at the top of your keyboard, above the numbers and to the right of the Escape key.

While Penfriend XL has predictions on its list, it prevents any other programs (in particular your word processor) from noticing when you press the keys used to select those predictions. Normally this means the function keys, but you may choose to select words from the ordinary number buttons. If you wish to press one of those keys to do something in your word processor, please ensure that there are no predictions from Penfriend XL visible. The easiest way of doing this is to press Space, Return or a punctuation mark. These keys cannot be part of words and so cancel the prediction. You may also press the ESCAPE key to cancel predictions for the current word, but they will be re-enabled when you begin typing another word.

To prevent Penfriend XL from interfering for a longer time, minimise the prediction window. This switches off all predictions and function key interception, and is only restored when you explicitly click to bring the prediction window back to normal size.

To switch on or off the screen reader, press the PRINT SCREEN key on your keyboard. The function keys are intercepted to avoid confusion. They are the preferred way for Penfriend XL to see which predictions you wish to use. You can also choose predictions by clicking on the word of your choice with the mouse, or by setting the preference to Select by Number Keys or the Numeric Keypad.