File menu

See Also: Control Window Menus , Saving the Lexicon

The File menu mainly affects the lexicon files in a general sense. The options are very similar to those you would find on any other program.

Open... will load a new lexicon file into memory to allow Penfriend XL to predict words from it. It will also load the preferences from that file. It is suggested that you have one lexicon file per user, although you may prefer one per topic or some other scheme.

Save will save the lexicon under the same name that it was loaded from, but will not overwrite a default lexicon, which is read-only. This is implicitly done when you quit Penfriend XL with the Save on Exit preference turned on. However, you may wish to do this at any time, for example to protect yourself against losing information if the machine crashes. Another use for this option is to save the window positions and preferences in a carefully arranged pattern, should you wish them to restart the same way.

Save As... will allow you to save the lexicon under a new file name. This may be useful for making backup copies or for duplicating files before modifying one copy. It is essential after loading one of the supplied default lexicons, because you cannot alter them and Penfriend XL will not work effectively unless it saves your lexicon each time.

Learn Text File is equivalent to typing all of the words from a file on disk. This means that the lexicon will be updated to include all of the new words, and to update their frequency information accordingly. This option is available only on the file menu of the lexicon window. More details.

Exit will stop Penfriend XL running. It saves the lexicon if the preference for Save On Exit is switched on, then removes itself from memory, closes all its windows and of course stops predicting. You can also exit Penfriend XL by closing all of the windows, but selecting this menu option can be more useful if you wish to save the window positions carefully. It is most useful if you wish both the prediction and Keyboard windows to open the next time Penfriend XL is loaded.