Penfriend Portable

You can buy Penfriend XL for installation on a single computer, or pre-installed on a physical device; a removable USB drive which is used as a security key and can be inserted into many computers; this is called Penfriend Portable.

When run from the USB drive, you must keep the key inserted in the computer throughout the time that you are using Penfriend. You can run Penfriend simply by inserting the key into the computer and double clicking on the Penfriend application (*.exe). There is no need to "install" the product, so you can easily work on another computer.

It is advisable to make a backup of the USB stick's contents, since it is possible for the user to erase it.

Please take care to exit Penfriend XL properly, and eject the USB drive, before removing it, since sudden removal may cause loss of your lexicon data.

You are welcome to use the USB drive as a memory stick for your documents and other work. Please do note delete or modify the files which are pre-installed on it (they are already marked read-only to discourage editing).

Please do not attempt to install the Penfriend executable files on your main computer. The original USB drive must be inserted for use.

After you have run Penfriend XL from the USB drive, it registers itself for opening lexicon files. If you double click on a *.lex file, it will attempt to run Penfriend XL. However, if the security key is not inserted, this will not succeed.

For further information about the security architecture, you may read the section on activation.


The main benefit of Penfriend Portable is that it does not require activation for specific computer, and that it can work with reduced user security permissions. Specifically, these are:

The following user permissions are still required: