Credits, Contacts, etc

Penfriend XL and Penfriend XP are Copyright (c) Penfriend Ltd 1997-2010. It was written by Roger Spooner using Microsoft Visual C++. Thanks to Philip Whittaker for testing and advice. This help documentation was written for version 3.0.

Penfriend Ltd can be contacted in Britain on telephone 0131 668 2000, or by fax on 0131 668 2121 or at the e-mail address or on the World Wide Web at the address This program is not shareware or freeware. If you did not pay for it, please tell us how you got it.

This product has no links to any other educational software that may have similar names except those published by Penfriend Ltd at the above address.

We welcome your comments on the product, and this Help documentation. Please write to us at the above address with your views, whether positive or negative.