Using Clicker with Penfriend XL

Penfriend XL can work with other applications installed on your computer. In its 'server mode', Penfriend XL does not open any of its own windows. You can control it from another window such as a more powerful on-screen keyboard, word processor, or whatever. Doing this requires support for Penfriend XL from the other application.

Clicker, from Crick Software can work with Penfriend XL. Clicker is a powerful switch operated on-screen keyboard and word processor with symbol writing and many other powerful features. It can display word predictions from Penfriend XL in cells in its 'grids', so that clicking on these cells will insert the word into its word processor. This can happen without the user being aware of Penfriend XL except that it needs to be installed on the computer.

To use the example prediction grid supplied with Clicker, go to the Examples then Keyboard and Predict. This should load Penfriend XL if is not already running, and should establish the connection between the two. Then simply type letters by clicking on the cells in the grid with your mouse, and select words from the list on the left.

If the predictions do not appear as expected, you should try quitting both applications, then loading Penfriend XL first, then Clicker. If you have an older copy of Clicker than of Penfriend XL, you may find that there are problems communicating. You can upgrade your copy of Clicker over the Internet from or by post from Crick Software.

Designing your own Clicker Grid

You can add prediction to a Clicker grid of your own that you are designing. First, define a set of cells which will hold the predicted words. The priority order of the predicted words will be the same as the order in which you create the cells, so the first prediction cell created will show the most likely word. With each of these cells, hold down the Shift key and press the right mouse button. This will display the Cell Properties dialogue box. On the Send tab, select 'Send Text' but enter the special word {predict} (including the curly brackets but nothing before or after them). This is a special command to Clicker to fetch the words from Penfriend XL.