Product Activation

Penfriend XL must be activated after installation otherwise it will operate with limited features, and for a limited time. Normally activation is via the Internet and is automatic if you are on-line but can also be done by telephone, on the Internet by hand, or even by letter.

Internet Activation

When you install or run the software, a dialogue box will appear requesting activation. Please ensure that your computer is connected to the Internet, and then click on OK. The process should take a few seconds and finish automatically.

Manual Activation

If you do not have Internet access from the computer running Penfriend XL, please do not try to activate the software during the installation process and click 'cancel' on the activation dialogue box. Open Penfriend XL, select 'Activate manually'. Note down the 'activation request code' which you must communicate to your supplier. There are two main ways for doing this:

Finally, please type the activation response code into the dialogue box in Penfriend XL on your other computer, to complete the process. It would be helpful to keep the activation response code in case you need to re-install the software, but you can ask for it again if necessary.

Once you have activated the software manually, you cannot later deactivate it by Internet.

Privacy and Confidential Information

When your software is activated, no information about other software or data files on your computer is sent. Penfriend Ltd will not pass on your information to other parties, and will not use the details for any purpose other than controlling activation and support.

Your email address is optional. If you provide it, it will help you if you wish to request support and upgrades, later. It may also be used occasionally by Penfriend Ltd to inform you of product news (no more than four times a year). It will not be passed on to other organisations.


If you have to re-install the software on the same computer, perhaps because of a system fault, you should be able to activate it again without problems so long as the hardware in the machine has not changed substantially.

If you have a network of computers and have purchased a site licence for Penfriend, you should be able to install each machine with the same installation code, although they will automatically change their installed codes to be unique upon activation. Each code will be linked to the others. See the page on Network Installations for more hints.

Site Licences, User Licensing and Machine Licensing

This system is based upon activating the licence on a machine (computer) rather than for a user (person). Each machine must be activated and identified uniquely.

If you have been issued a group of install codes for your site, you can use one releatedly; the system will count remaining licences automatically.

Please try running the software after installation as a typical user. This is particularly worthwhile if you use unattended batch installation across your workstations, although success with a random sample of machines should suffice. After activation, the software must record this; if your security policy restricts the ability to write program and machine data, please activate the software while logged on as an administrator.


This activation system is designed to allow a limited number of transfers of activation from one machine to another. Please un-install the software from the old machine first using the Add/Remove Programs control panel, and ensure that you have Internet access enabled during this process. If you uninstall the software without allowing the de-activation to be notified to the server, please re-install the software, enable Internet access and un-install it again.

If you wish to re-install Penfriend XL on the same computer, do not de-activate it when un-installing.

Trouble-shooting and Requesting Support

If the software has been installed previously on another machine, please un-install that before proceeding.

If you have a site licence and perform unattended batch installations which do not activate automatically, please read the section above on Site Licences, or contact Penfriend Ltd for assistance.

If you have a brand new copy of the software and it does not activate, it is possible that the copy is not brand new; for example it may have been sold to another customer who installed it and returned it for a refund. If you believe this may be the case, please contact your supplier for a new copy. You will then need to un-install your first copy and re-install the second copy using the new installation code.

If your computer is replaced and you are unable to un-install the software before this, for example if it is stolen or bursts into green flames, please contact your supplier or Penfriend Ltd to explain.

If your network has a firewall or web proxy, please ensure that you allow HTTP access to the server on port 80.

The separate section on USB security keys describes activation and use from a USB memory stick.

If you still have trouble activating your software, please check Penfriend Ltd's web site or contact your supplier. Please be prepared to provide your name, installation code, the date and time of your attempted activation, and the history of any related installations. If you have already provided your email address, this will help in the support process.

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