Abbreviation List Window

The Abbreviation Window lists the abbreviations that can be expanded as you type, by Penfriend XL. You can add more if you wish, or remove existing ones. The abbreviations are displayed in alphabetical order.

The expansion might be your full name, your address, phrases used in letters or formal documents, or simply a word that you do not want to type in full. If you wish, you can create abbreviations which are in fact corrections of misspelt words. The abbreviation should be the misspelling (with a separate entry for each likely misspelling) and the expansion should be the correct spelling. There is no need for the latter to be longer than the former.

Penfriend XL will expand the abbreviations when you type them as a word in your normal word processor, so long as the prediction window is open. The abbreviations will also be predicted if there is room in the window, so you can use them by pressing a function key or clicking on the word or finishing the abbreviation and pressing Space.

If you click on one of the existing abbreviations, or below the last one, the Abbreviation Dialogue Box will open allowing you to edit or create an abbreviation.

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