Jim Heal, School teacher with Motor Neurone Disease.

I was a schoolteacher at one of the United World Colleges. In late September 2003 I was diagnosed as having motor neurone disease. This disease affects different people in different ways. In my case, amongst other things, it has robbed me of speech and affected my hands so that the only finger I can rely on for typing is the little finger on my left hand. My index finger sometimes cooperates, but it usually starts curling after a few minutes. And I am right-handed! Without speech typing is very important to me; it is also very tiring. Recently the MNDA provided me with Penfriend XP, which has made a real difference to my life. Its ability to predict is remarkable, and improves with use. Its ability to learn new words is extremely valuable. It has greatly improved my ability to communicate with others, whether by email or face to face. I cannot commend it enough.

Written by Jim Heal and reproduced with permission.

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